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Chef Willet Feng is out to prove that food court food can be high-quality, inventive, and delicious!

The Backstory: 

Q: How did you come up with the name Kuma Burgers?

A: Our manga (Japanese comics) wall is composed of images from the series Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars, in English). It is a manga/anime series about an elite cooking school. In typical Japanese fashion, eating amazing food creates foodgasms and strips the diner of their clothes. Anyway, there is a character who wears nothing but an apron that has "Kuma Bear" on it, and my wife, Diane, suggested "Kuma Burgers." After contemplating a few other names, we stayed with "Kuma" as it pays homage to a great series, and instantly let's diners know we are "different."

Q: What makes Kuma Burgers special other than the story behind “Kuma”?

A:  Hand-formed 5-ounce burger patties that are 100% ground chuck and fresh, never frozen; specialty house-made sauces like sambal mayo, chunky guacamole, scallion aioli, and barbecue sauce; one-of-a-kind rice buns; lotus root chips; and hand-spun milk shakes featuring nuomi ice cream, which is made in-house with fresh cream and milk!

Q: What's special about this sambal mayo?

A: The sambal mayo is the signature sauce that carried over from a previous restaurant concept I had but modified into a Southeast Asian style.

Q: So, what is it made out of?

A: Its made out of slow cooked onions, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, palm sugar, fermented shrimp paste, and dried chilies.


Editor's Comments:

One of the main things that capture your eye when walking up to the restaurant that distinguishes it from your typical "food court joint" is the overall theme of the place.  Walls covered with Japanese comic drawings on the wall which are unique and just make you want to ask about the story behind the place. Bottom line: Burgers were amazing.  You can tell this is the result of what happens when an accomplished chef approaches a burger.  Amongst the rise of the chef-takes-on-burger theme in the Houston-Metro area.  Kuma Burgers is a must-not-miss.

Available Mon-Fri 10:30AM - 2:00PM






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