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A Sunday morning with Lauren

Intro: Name/age of model, instagram/facebook/snapchat links


Hometown/Origins Story: 

Example question: “Everyone comes from somewhere. Tell us where you are from, and how it has shaped who you are today”



Personal Style:
Example question: “It is hard to stay relevant yet unique in the fashion industry today. Describe your personal style in 3 words.”

Special talent/quirk/Surprising fact about personality
Example question: “You're obviously a beautiful young woman, but we all know there is more to a person than looks. What is a special talent, quirk or facet to your personality that may surprise people?

Example question: “Food is sexy. Tell me what turns you on about it, and where you would want a lucky gentlemen to take you for a wine and dine date?”

Sex Appeal:
Example question: “Speaking of getting turned on....what's one thing a man or woman has to have or do to get you going?”

Example question: “Tell me where you see yourself in 5 years? In 10?”

Favorite feature:
Example question: “Confidence is beautiful. What's your favorite physical trait, and why?”

Serious social issue
Example Question: “Women shaming is rampant in our society. There's slut shaming, prude shaming, weight shaming, etc. Online bullying is a very real problem facing aspiring models of all body types and backgrounds. How do you handle the negative aspects of modeling, and what is some advice you could offer to women that have experienced confidence issues stemming from bullying?

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